Wednesday, 23 January 2013


big problem came to my life . its about my bestfriend . i don't know she's still my bestfriend or not . we're not talking to each other because of some reason . but everybody said its about 'A', the new girl . honestly , i really disappointed with her because she involve other people in this case. too bad. everybody dengar je ckp 'D' and blame on me. what the fuck ? is it fair ? and you regret for being my friend ? i'm so sad to hear that. i just wonder that you trust other people that don't know you deeply like i do. 3 years we're together. study, hang out, school . all thing we do together and now ? you said that you regret to know me ? Allah know how i feel now. i just hope that you happy with your new bestfriend. i really hope that you realize who's your true friend. i don't have any advise to give but i just want you to appreciate your new friend . don't break her heart like you did to me. and please trust her, don't you ever trust other people because you only got your bestfriend to help you when you have a problem. don't forget you friend when you got new friend later. thank you for everything . sorry because make you regret to know me and being my friend. enjoy yourself .