Friday, 14 December 2012

cheerleading :)

Dear blog, u can see the title? Its about cheer. Cheerleading is a part of my life. I don't know how to tell everybody about cheer. They just keep judging. Some people always talk bad things about cheer termasuk our school teachers --' not at all yg tak suka but half je. Like seriously? Hey dumb! Its cheer things, you just DON'T KNOW ! Got it? Erghhh. We don't care what people wanna says as long as we know what we do. Only cheerleaders know how awesome cheer is. Hmmmm I have a cheer team 'Tigers'. I do love my team/cheermates and I really mean it. We always share our problems together. We happy,sad,pain,laugh and cry together. Nothing can spread us. We love each other :') when cheer comp, we only have each other,cheer teacher,coaches and best friends. Our school like pandang rendah to us. They not supporting us at all until cheer comp 2012 we got 1'st runner up. Then, the teachers baru pandang kehebatan kitorang. Dah menang baru nak buat baik? We don't need their support to win. Our spirit is enough to get placing. Sometimes , we kinda sad with perangai cikgu kitorang. But we don't care. As long as we all tak menyusahkan diorang . Kann ? The moment we got 1'st runner up is unbelievable! We just proud of ourself and all susah payah yg we go through mcm terbayar :') its very amazing feeling everrrrr ! Hehe its very hard to be on top. Serious talk. So hard . Showing what we really have to go through and how much hard work,pain,frustration and failure it take to go the top . Its very hard journey. For who yg dtg to support us , we really appreciate it :) for me, my team is everything, we like family. During training we always do our best. We all have our own job. Me as a flyer, I always try my best to help my base. I will ringan kan badan and do my things. My base also help me, they grab my shoes neatly. We help each other. That's what we suppose to be. To anybody who have a team , do love them as your family. Please don't be so selfish. Never give up on something that u really want ! Go achieve it. Dreams do come true soon :') if you want something, work on it . Good luck to everybody. Cheer for life :D


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